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Combined Physical and Psychological Programmes (CPPP) National Survey

9 Dec 2022 4:00 PM | NSN Website Admin (UKSSB) (Administrator)

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The aim of CPPP is to support back pain patients to resume normal activities through supervised exercise and challenging unhelpful beliefs and behaviours.

Combining exercise with behavioural management within CPPPs is recommended within NICE National guidelines (NG59) and the National Back and Radicular Pain Pathway (NPRPP). The recent NHS England’s Best MSK Health restoration and recovery programme has focussed attention on the lack of availability of appropriate CPPP across England.

The aim of this survey is to gather information about current provision of CPPP in the UK. You don’t need to be involved in CPPP provision to complete the survey – we are interested in understanding the gaps as well as understanding the range of programmes combining physical and psychological approaches currently offered to people with back pain.

Why should I engage with the survey?
By completing this survey you will be contributing to:

  • Developing the evidence base relating to back pain care in the UK.
  • Establishing a clearer picture of current services and service gaps in the UK and helping to establish foundations for future work.
  • Gathering information to inform clinicians and service decision makers (e.g. commissioners and managers) to guide improvements in service delivery in line with national guidance.

How will the survey Information be used?
Survey responses will also be used to:

  • Better understand different models of CPPP provision
  • Establish a network to support clinicians to deliver CPPP
  • Provide a basis to make recommendations for future work.

What will happen with the findings of the survey?
The findings of the survey will be analysed and reported through the National Spine Network website, Social Media via Twitter, and submitted to a national spinal conference.

About the NSN

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